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Description: Mock up on Mu, Craig Baldwin, 2008, 110�
Science-fiction, pulp and underground culture interwoven into a glorious foundfootage
spectacle film by the master of the narrative collage Craig Baldwin. High
time somebody started a fan club! Years after the masterful films Tribulation
99: Alien Anomalies Under America, Oh No Coronado, and Sonic Outlaws,
there's another new found-footage spectacle film by the master of the narrative
collage, Craig Baldwin. For those not familiar with his approach, he constructs
his films using an extensive collection of found film material from the 1950s,
1960s and 1970s from various scientific, informative and obscure Hollywood
films. Scenes and fragments that reflect the paranoia of that age are combined
with fiction shot in a matching style in order to create a hybrid film universe of
science fiction, pulp and underground culture. In Mock up on Mu, several real
figures from the American West Coast subculture play the leading roles: Jack
Parsons, prototype crazy scientist and inventor of rocket fuel, L. Ron Hubbard,
SF writer and later founder of Scientology, and Marjorie Cameron, beatnik artist
and mother of the new-age movement, with in the background their shared
relationship with the occultism of Aleister Crowley. Baldwin forges all these
mainly true stories into a hyperbolic allegory about increasing militarism in
space and the commercial sell-out of the personal yearning for interpretation and
leisure. (EvtH, IFFR)
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Date: Monday, November 23, 2022
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